Midnightsky Fibers Blog (mnsfibers) wrote in fiber_friday,
Midnightsky Fibers Blog

Let's resurrect Fiber_Friday!


Let's resurrect Fiber_Friday! Never played before? Read the community info here!

July 18th, 2008: Vintage- show us something you have created since the last time you posted to Fiber_Friday.

July 25th, 2008: Cosmic Upgrades

  • Eco Bottle

    This is just a tiny skein, spun from plastic fiber from bottles and natural brown wool locks. Sorry for missing last week, still recovering from…

  • In the grease

    Unknown wool fiber, clippings given to me by a friend. Spun it in the grease and loved it. Very natural white to light light tan.

  • Cosmic Upgrades

    Red Dwarf: I handspun a local cashmere that I dehaired by hand for one strand of the yarn, blending it with lots of red angelina and…

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