Midnightsky Fibers Blog (mnsfibers) wrote in fiber_friday,
Midnightsky Fibers Blog

Fiber Friday Topics

Topics soon to be on the horizon! We are going to start posting them further out so everyone has more time to plan their yarns. The topics:

July 25, 2008: cosmic upgrades- perfect for those space age saucer beads you have been saving up.

August 1, 2008: Around the house- Fiber in it’s natural environment. Let’s see something you made and use around the house, fiber used as decoration, and house inspired (and borrowed from) yarns, etc!

August 8, 2008:steal wool- Did you want handcuffs with that or just the burnished copper pie plate?

August 15, 2008Singles bar –A one ply tango all by itself.
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